Coaches: Bernadette Keogh

Coach: Bernadette Keogh

Bernadette Dijkhuizen-Keogh is a Mindfulness Trainer and Nutritional Therapist with a quest to help people live happier and healthier lives through mindful living and healthy eating. Based over in The Hague, Bernadette draws inspiration from a wide variety of sources to create fun and engaging Morning Mindset sessions and mindfulness workshops.

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Move Fuel Mind; Resilience | Mark & Berni | 11.10.21

Move Fuel Mind : Sober October | Mark & Berni | 4.10.21

Move Fuel Mind: Are You Getting The Right Type Of Rest? | Berni & Mark | 27.9.21

Move Fuel Mind: Emotional Eating | Berni | 20.9.21

Move Fuel Mind – How To Meditate | Berni | 13.9.21

Morning Mindset – A New View of the Unexpected – Cultivating Serendipity or Smart Luck | Berni | 26.7.21

We explore how we can balance goals and plans with an openness to the unexpected; how many major life events often involve an element of chance; the difference between smart luck and blind luck; as well as how we can reframe unexpected events and see them as opportunities.  We also looked at some tools and exercises […]

Morning Mindset – Cultivating a Positive Mindset in Uncertain Times | Berni | 19.7.21

Berni shares and discusses four ideas about how to shift to a positive mindset during uncertain times

Morning Mindset – Resilience and dealing with short term pressure | Berni | 12.7.21

We look at the behaviours associated with resilience, the early warning signs that we are experiencing in-the-moment stress or pressure and some simple strategies that help us relax in those moments.

Morning Mindset – Building Resilience In A Time Of Uncertainty | Berni | 5.7.21

“You can not pour from an empty cup”. We review how we can build a resilient and positive mindset to uncertainty – while acknowledging our discomfort and difficult emotions that we might feel when faced with uncertainty.

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